package 2: arms + legs + pilates


Get the arms, legs and pilates videos for just $20.


Duration: 18 minutes

What You Need: a mat

What You Can Expect: A challenging, fast-paced Pilates workout that takes you from hundreds to teasers. Planks and push-ups included.


Duration: 25 minutes

What You Need: a mat and two pairs of weights- light (2 or 3lbs) and heavier (5-8lbs)

What You Can Expect: Light weight combinations to fatigue your shoulders, back and triceps, a heavier weights series for biceps and lats, and of course, lots and lots of push-ups!


Duration: 24 minutes

What You Need: a mat

What You Can Expect: Squats and lunges to strengthen and sculpt your thighs, followed by more squats and lunges, and finishing with leg lifts and bridging for your best butt ever.

A portion of all proceeds benefit Mighty Mutts no-kill animal rescue.

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